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  • 1 day "Natural Gas Price Fundamental Daily Forecast – Grinding Toward Summer Highs Despite Huge Short Interest" by James Hyerczyk & REUTERS on NatGas
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  • 14 days "Biden Is Running U.S. Energy Security Into The Ground" by Irina Slav
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Oil Gains Momentum On Strong U.S. Economic Data

Jan 27, 2023 at 09:30 | Tom Kool

Oil continued to gain momentum this week, and despite fears of a slowdown in economic growth, the reopening of the Chinese economy is providing tailwinds for oil.Oilprice Alert: Whether…

Sodium-Ion Batteries Just Got More Competitive

Jan 27, 2023 at 08:10 | Brian Westenhaus

Pusan National University researchers have invented a new sodium ion anode material. They are using a recently developed pyrolyzed quinacridones,…

EU And G7 Discuss Russian Oil Product Price Caps

Jan 27, 2023 at 07:46 | Editorial Dept

Numbers Report – January 27, 2023 In the latest edition of the Numbers Report, we will take a look at some of the most interesting figures put out this week…

Iraqi Supreme Court Delivers Blow To Kurdistan Oil Talks

Jan 26, 2023 at 23:02 | Editorial Dept

Politics, Geopolitics & Conflict - Those watching the oil companies operating in Iraqi Kurdistan have of late been rather optimistic over talks between the Kurds and Baghdad since the appointment…

Oilfield Firms See Highest Profit In Nearly A Decade

Jan 26, 2023 at 13:46 | Tsvetana Paraskova

The world’s largest oilfield services providers saw last year their highest combined net profits since the shale boom of 2014, driven by a rebound in drilling activity amid soaring oil…

Citi: European Oil Majors Could Become Acquisition Targets

Jan 26, 2023 at 13:35 | Irina Slav

Merger and acquisition activity in the United States oil and gas industry last year slumped to the lowest in 17 years as buyers…

Scientists Invent Hydrogen Producing Solar Cell

Jan 26, 2023 at 09:35 | Brian Westenhaus

  Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne chemical engineers have invented a solar-powered artificial leaf, built on a novel electrode which is transparent and porous. The

Iraqi Supreme Court Ruling May Reignite Kurdish Oil Dispute

Jan 26, 2023 at 09:24 | Charles Kennedy

After promising indications that the Iraqi federal government would ease up on its legislative war with the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) over the latter’s unilateral oil contracts and…

Why The UAE Wants To Invite Oil And Gas Companies To The COP28 Climate Summit

Jan 26, 2023 at 09:18 | Felicity Bradstock

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been repeatedly criticised since winning its bid to hold the COP28 climate summit later this year, particularly for its ongoing dependence on…

Big Banks See Opportunity In Unlisted Emerging Market ESG Companies

Jan 26, 2023 at 08:43 | Oxford Business Group

As financial markets experience significant headwinds in 2022, environmental, social and governance (ESG) funds saw their first net outflow since 2011. However, the energy transition, climate-related threats to…

M&A In U.S. Oil And Gas: Dealmaking Slides As Buyers Get Picky

Jan 25, 2023 at 13:45 | Tsvetana Paraskova

  The number of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in the U.S. upstream segment fell last year to the lowest level since 2005, with buyers increasingly picky and targeting…

Could Canada Pass Something Similar To The Inflation Reduction Act?

Jan 25, 2023 at 10:06 | Haley Zaremba

Canada’s oil industry is one of the dirtiest in the world. The oil sands in the northern nation’s Alberta province represent the fourth largest proven oil reserve in…

Europe’s Energy Crisis Leaves Almost All Of Pakistan Without Power

Jan 25, 2023 at 10:06 | Haley Zaremba

The long-awaited winter energy crisis has finally hit…but it wasn’t in Europe after all. On Monday, almost the entirety of Pakistan was left without power

Oil Unmoved After EIA Reports Small Crude Build

Jan 25, 2023 at 09:40 | Irina Slav

Crude oil prices saw a minor increase today when the U.S. Energy Information Administration reported an oil inventory build of 500,000 barrels for the week to January 20. The…

The ExxonMobil Papers

Jan 25, 2023 at 08:59 | Leonard Hyman & William Tilles

Nestled between a large and colorful picture of starchy endosperm and an article about signaling between parasite and host integrates, in the 13 January 2023 issue of

Banks Haven’t Lost Their Appetite For Fossil Fuels Just Yet

Jan 24, 2023 at 09:53 | Felicity Bradstock

Following the signing of the Paris Agreement by 193 states and the EU and after the COP27 climate summit in 2021, several major financial institutions came under fire…

Putin’s Energy Weapon Is Losing Its Power

Jan 24, 2023 at 08:38 | Haley Zaremba

Vladimir Putin’s plans are falling to pieces. Slowly but surely, Russia is losing its war against Ukraine. At the same time, it is losing nearly all of its…

Oilfield Services Shine As Energy Earnings Lift Off

Jan 23, 2023 at 11:53 | Alex Kimani

We are in the early innings of the earnings season with just 11% of S&P 500 companies having reported Q4 2022…

EU Gas Price Cap Could Trigger Significant Changes In Markets

Jan 23, 2023 at 09:12 | Tsvetana Paraskova

The upcoming price cap on the benchmark European gas contract could abruptly change the gas market and impact the functioning of other markets as well as financial stability,…

Offshore Oil And Gas Is Back, Baby

Jan 23, 2023 at 09:08 | Irina Slav

At last week’s World Economic Forum gathering in Davos, several speakers had harsh words for the oil and gas industry, including UN head Antonio Guterres and the IEA’s…


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