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Brian Westenhaus

New Energy and Fuel

Contributor since: 29 Sep 2011

Brian Westenhaus

Brian is the editor of the popular energy technology site New Energy and Fuel. The site’s mission is to inform, stimulate, amuse and abuse the news and views across the emerging field of energy and fuels in our future. You will find the most exciting and useful news, guides and tips for making and saving money in energy and fuel, just how things work or not, where you might want to invest or get involved in a brainstorming session with other readers.

Latest articles from Brian

  • Proving That Magnesium Can Beat Out Lithium-ion Batteries

    Published 16 March 2023 | viewed 7,954 times

    Tokyo University of Science is researching magnesium as a promising candidate for an energy carrier in next-generation batteries. For now the cycling performance and capacity…

  • Unlocking A New Low-Cost Biofuel

    Published 15 March 2023 | viewed 5,043 times

    Michigan State University researchers have solved a puzzle that could help switchgrass realize its full potential as a low-cost, sustainable biofuel crop and divert some…

  • The Environmental Implications Of A Hydrogen Economy

    Published 14 March 2023 | viewed 8,352 times

    Often heralded as the clean fuel of the future, new hydrogen research suggests that a leaky hydrogen infrastructure could end up increasing atmospheric methane levels. Hydrogen’s…

  • Can Double-Sided Solar Panels Help Meet Global Energy Demands?

    Published 12 March 2023 | viewed 5,286 times

    University of Ottawa’s laboratory in photonics and renewable energy has developed a new method for measuring the solar energy produced by bifacial solar panels. The double-sided solar…

  • The Dawn Of A New Era In Superconductor Materials

    Published 11 March 2023 | viewed 39,818 times

    University of Rochester researchers have created a superconducting material at both a temperature and pressure low enough for practical applications. This is certainly a historical achievement…

  • Lithium-Sulfur Battery Advancements Could Change The Game

    Published 25 February 2023 | viewed 15,945 times

    An Argonne National Laboratory research team has built and tested a new interlayer to prevent dissolution of the sulfur cathode in lithium-sulfur batteries. This new interlayer…

  • New Copper Catalyst Could Pave The Way For Next-Gen Solar Fuels

    Published 23 February 2023 | viewed 3,826 times

    Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory researchers have made real-time movies of copper nanoparticles as they evolve to convert carbon dioxide and water into renewable fuels and…

  • Scientists May Improve Perovskite Solar Cell Efficiency By Up To 250%

    Published 22 February 2023 | viewed 6,282 times

    A University of Rochester research team has proposed a novel, physics-based approach, using a substrate of either a layer of metal or alternating layers of…

  • Tackling One Of Hydrogen Storage’s Biggest Bottlenecks

    Published 20 February 2023 | viewed 3,264 times

    Tohoku University researchers drilling into the magnesium hydride hydrogen storage concept are zeroing into the problems. Magnesium hydride has long been touted for its potential…

  • Scientists Use Nano Carbons To Convert Methane Into Hydrogen

    Published 15 February 2023 | viewed 5,098 times

    University of Surrey researchers have found that a type of metal-free catalysts could contribute to the development of cost-effective and sustainable hydrogen production technologies. The…

  • New Treatment Improves Lithium Ion Battery Performance By 20%

    Published 14 February 2023 | viewed 10,971 times

    A new North Carolina State University study shows that laser-induced defects in lithium-ion battery materials improve the performance of the battery. The work was performed…

  • Scientists Successfully Split Seawater To Produce Green Hydrogen

    Published 12 February 2023 | viewed 37,131 times

    University of Adelaide’s Professor Shizhang Qiao and Associate Professor Yao Zheng from the School of Chemical Engineering led an international team that successfully split seawater…

  • Engineers Reveal Flow Battery Cell Breakthrough

    Published 10 February 2023 | viewed 43,127 times

    Georgia Institute of Technology engineers have now developed a more compact flow battery cell configuration that reduces the size of the cell by 75%. That…

  • Researchers Look To Turn Decommissioned Mines Into Batteries

    Published 09 February 2023 | viewed 3,976 times

    The International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) has offered a new technique called Underground Gravity Energy Storage that turns decommissioned mines into long-term energy…

  • Scientists Come Up With New Process For Hydrogen Water Splitting

    Published 05 February 2023 | viewed 17,470 times

    A City University of Hong Kong research team has successfully mediated poor charge carrier transport at low voltage by adding phosphorus to a metal oxide…

  • New Microbatteries Could Power Bug Sized Robots

    Published 02 February 2023 | viewed 1,207 times

    University of Illinois Grainger College of Engineering researchers have created a high-voltage microbattery (> 9 V), with high-energy and -power density, unparalleled by any existing…

  • New Carbon Conversion Tech Could Boost Net-Zero Initiative

    Published 31 January 2023 | viewed 2,607 times

    The Ames Laboratory at Iowa State University has announced a new hybrid catalyst that converts carbon dioxide into ethylene in one pot. The catalyst was…

  • A New Pathway To Create Scalable Perovskite Solar Cells

    Published 29 January 2023 | viewed 3,844 times

    The ARC Centre of Excellence in Exciton Science demonstrated a new pathway to creating durable, efficient perovskite photovoltaics at industrial scale. The process uses the…

  • Sodium-Ion Batteries Just Got More Competitive

    Published 27 January 2023 | viewed 10,313 times

    Pusan National University researchers have invented a new sodium ion anode material. They are using a recently developed pyrolyzed quinacridones, new carbonaceous anode materials, that…

  • Scientists Invent Hydrogen Producing Solar Cell

    Published 26 January 2023 | viewed 13,631 times

      Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne chemical engineers have invented a solar-powered artificial leaf, built on a novel electrode which is transparent and porous. The…

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