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Editorial Dept

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  • Why Did Oil Drop on an OPEC+ Output Cut and Will the Selling Continue?

    Published 01 December 2023 | viewed 13,203 times

    Over the last twenty years or so, I have spent a lot of time teaching and mentoring aspiring traders. During that time, I have heard…

  • Guyana on Edge Amid Rumors of a Venezuelan Invasion

    Published 01 December 2023 | viewed 3,721 times

    For newly oil-rich Guyana, this weekend will be a fateful one, with rumors that Venezuela is gathering forces to invade at the close of a…

  • Digesting the OPEC+ Production Cuts

    Published 01 December 2023 | viewed 2,569 times

    OPEC+ Agrees on Significant Output Cuts Amid Market Uncertainty In a decisive move, OPEC+ members, led by Saudi Arabia, have agreed to substantial voluntary output…

  • Oil Markets Unimpressed By OPEC+ Cuts

    Published 01 December 2023 | viewed 4,694 times

    Markets Oil markets balked at the OPEC+ news this week that saw the organization extend cuts from Saudi Arabia and Russia and deepen the group’s…

  • Europe's Insatiable Hunger for LNG

    Published 01 December 2023 | viewed 2,268 times

    1. OPEC+ Confronts Quota Imperfections, Weak Sentiment- Saudi Arabia and Russia, the two heavyweights of OPEC+, have managed to coordinate a wider response to weakening…

  • Is This The Best Way To Play The Plunge In Oil Prices?

    Published 17 November 2023 | viewed 3,382 times

    One of the things on which I pride myself when writing here, or elsewhere for that matter, is that I don’t run away and hide…

  • China's Refinery Bonanza Slows Down

    Published 17 November 2023 | viewed 1,661 times

    1. Europe Cracks Down on Methane Emissions- The European Union agreed on a deal to place methane emission limits on Europe’s oil and gas imports…

  • Libya Turns Away Oil Tanker in Protest of Israeli Aggression in Gaza

    Published 17 November 2023 | viewed 1,470 times

    Politics, Geopolitics & Conflict An oil tanker set to load crude from a Libyan port was turned away this week because it had made a…

  • Washington Prepares to Tighten Sanctions on Iran

    Published 17 November 2023 | viewed 762 times

    Washington is gearing up to tighten sanctions on Iran, again, at the same time as new revelations emerge indicating that Iran was caught unaware when…

  • Will Oil Prices Fall Below $70?

    Published 17 November 2023 | viewed 30,419 times

    January U.S. Crude Prices Plunge January U.S. crude oil witnessed a significant drop of around 5% on Thursday, hitting a four-month low. This decline in…

  • Concerns Mount Over China's Crude Oil Demand

    Published 10 November 2023 | viewed 31,079 times

    1. Can We Get a Little Contango Now?- China’s swelling oil inventories and weakening crude demand as well as an alleged 12-million-barrel buildup in US…

  • What Will It Take For Oil Prices To Stop Falling?

    Published 10 November 2023 | viewed 5,079 times

    Crude Oil Market Overview The current state of the crude oil market is marked by a downward trend, with both the international benchmark Brent crude…

  • The Israel-Hamas War Remains Contained... For Now

    Published 10 November 2023 | viewed 1,167 times

    Politics, Geopolitics & Conflict The frontier between Lebanon and Israel has become an intense second front in the Hamas-Israel conflict, which threatens to intensify though…

  • Have Oil Traders Misread Saudi Arabia's Production Cut Commitment?

    Published 10 November 2023 | viewed 4,367 times

    I have said it many times before in these pages and will no doubt say it many times in the future too, but it is…

  • Kurdistan's Oil Industry Standoff Intensifies

    Published 10 November 2023 | viewed 4,400 times

    Some 450,000 barrels per day of oil exports from the Kurdistan Region of northern Iraq remain shut in amid an intractable dispute over who should…

  • The U.S. May Reimpose Sanctions On Venezuela

    Published 03 November 2023 | viewed 2,187 times

    Politics, Geopolitics & Conflict While Israel’s Tamar gas field remains shut down due to the conflict with Hamas, Israeli gas flows to Egypt have now…

  • The Houthi Missile Threat To Israel

    Published 03 November 2023 | viewed 1,476 times

    Israel shot down a Houthi missile over the Red Sea on Monday, employing its Arrow aerial defense system. This follows the US Navy’s shooting down…

  • Uncertainty Surrounds Oil Demand Growth In 2024

    Published 03 November 2023 | viewed 6,793 times

    1. 2024 Demand Outlook Remains Murky as Forecasters Contradict One Another- As political narratives continue to shape the oil market’s sentiment about next year, two…

  • Why Oil Prices Are Likely To Climb From Here

    Published 03 November 2023 | viewed 6,554 times

    One of the things that has always appealed to me about the energy sector from a trading and investing perspective is that it usually isn’t…

  • Oil Prices Rise On Fed Decision And Geopolitical Risk

    Published 03 November 2023 | viewed 3,156 times

    Thursday's Market Action Reflects Fed's Rate Move Oil markets witnessed notable activity on Thursday, directly responding to the Federal Reserve's stance on interest rates. Brent…

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