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Haley Zaremba

Contributor since: 05 May 2017

Haley Zaremba

Haley Zaremba is a writer and journalist based in Mexico City. She has extensive experience writing and editing environmental features, travel pieces, local news in the Bay Area, and music/culture reviews.

Latest articles from Haley

  • The Massachusetts Gas Disaster Could Spark An Energy Crisis

    Published 17 September 2018 | viewed 21,288 times

    An unprecedented tragedy struck a small portion of eastern Massachusetts last week when dozens of houses in the towns of Lawrence, Andover and North Andover…

  • Why Can’t Japan Kick Coal And Nuclear?

    Published 15 September 2018 | viewed 35,213 times

    Earlier this year we reported on a startling anomaly in the global energy market that even the experts couldn’t have predicted. Just one nation, alone…

  • New Mexican President Looks To Boost Oil Output By 800,000 Bpd

    Published 13 September 2018 | viewed 9,733 times

    After winning a landslide 53 percent of the vote on a platform focusing on major reform, incoming Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is already…

  • Artificial Photosynthesis: A New Renewable Energy Source?

    Published 08 September 2018 | viewed 76,077 times

    An international team of scientists has made a major breakthrough for the future of sustainable fuel. They achieved this major milestone by copying the methods…

  • Oil's Next Hotspot: The Cowboy State

    Published 04 September 2018 | viewed 152,376 times

    As the crude powerhouse that is Texas’ Permian Basin becomes old news, oil explorers are looking for the next big thing--and they have found it…

  • India’s NatGas Production Is Expected To Double

    Published 01 September 2018 | viewed 13,316 times

    India’s natural gas production is projected to double in the next four years, according to a statement by the country’s oil ministry. If growth continues…

  • Airlines Are Suspending Flights Because Fuel Is Too Expensive

    Published 29 August 2018 | viewed 29,344 times

    The price of jet fuel has continued to skyrocket over the last year, currently clocking in at a whopping 36.5 percent higher than at this…

  • Lagging Oil Industry Weighs On Mexico’s Economy

    Published 25 August 2018 | viewed 11,920 times

    Amid declining oil, agricultural, and industrial production, as well as an impending radical regime change, Mexico’s economy contracted more than previously projected in the second…

  • Alaska’s Oil Renaissance

    Published 23 August 2018 | viewed 30,612 times

    The impending oil renaissance in Alaska’s North Slope is going to be even more massive than previously projected. The oil lurking under the surface of…

  • Brazil’s Opposing Energy Views

    Published 21 August 2018 | viewed 19,186 times

    Brazil’s energy industry seems to be caught in a moment of deep ambivalence--on one side of the issue, they are breaking records in terms of…

  • Indonesia’s Oil Sector In Jeopardy As Elections Loom

    Published 15 August 2018 | viewed 16,471 times

    The future is looking grim for foreign resource companies with investments in Indonesia. In the current election cycle, it has become increasingly politically popular to…

  • Why Is Big Oil So Excited About Alaskan Crude?

    Published 12 August 2018 | viewed 30,996 times

    In an unprecedented move, Alaska officials recently published huge quantities of oil exploration data in an attempt to attract the attention of drilling companies to…

  • What Would A Hard Brexit Mean For British Oil?

    Published 11 August 2018 | viewed 45,080 times

    It’s been more than a year after the groundbreaking Brexit vote, in which the British public decided to leave the European Union in a controversial…

  • India’s Renewable Investments Near $20 Billion

    Published 04 August 2018 | viewed 29,650 times

    For the first time in history, investing in India’s renewable energy sector surpassed that of traditional fossil fuel-based power production. India achieved this groundbreaking feat…

  • Why Is Venezuela Still Sending Subsidized Oil To Cuba?

    Published 17 July 2018 | viewed 32,469 times

    In the past, oil has accounted for 96 percent of Venezuela's exports and over 40 percent of government revenues. Now, as the nation’s economy continues…

  • U.S. Poised To Ease Biofuel Quotas

    Published 16 July 2018 | viewed 19,799 times

    Just as scientists are making leaps and bounds in the technology behind biofuel production, opening the way for cheaper and more efficient clean fuel sources,…

  • Asia Is Leading The Renewable Energy Race

    Published 09 July 2018 | viewed 23,100 times

    As the era of fossil fuels comes to a close, it’s time to start seriously considering an all-electric future, as well as all of the…

  • Can U.S. Shale And OPEC Find Common Ground?

    Published 15 June 2018 | viewed 4,953 times

    As OPEC’s June 22 summit rapidly approaches, everything hangs in the balance for the organization’s precarious (to say the least) relationship with United States shale…

  • Could China Save The U.S. Coal Industry?

    Published 04 June 2018 | viewed 19,111 times

    China may soon be buying a lot more coal from the United States as part of a larger plan to narrow its trade deficit with…

  • U.S. Oil Companies Look To Skirt Biofuel Quotas

    Published 30 May 2018 | viewed 11,590 times

    Continuing a national trend, the United States’ second-largest oil refining company has recently requested a biofuel hardship waiver from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The…

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