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Irina Slav


Contributor since: 17 Jan 2016

Irina Slav

Irina is a writer for Oilprice.com with over a decade of experience writing on the oil and gas industry.

Latest articles from Irina

  • Inflation Could Push Oil Supply Into The Danger Zone

    Published 24 January 2022 | viewed 2,932 times

    Concern about crude oil supply began to show around the time some central bank policy observers started warning against taking inflation trends lightly, as something…

  • Mexico's Energy Minister Hits Back At Refinery Criticism

    Published 24 January 2022 | viewed 756 times

    The new Dos Bocas refinery that Mexico’s government is building to reduce the country’s dependence on fuel imports is “being built in record time. Opinions…

  • Iraq Is Preparing For Higher Oil Demand

    Published 24 January 2022 | viewed 2,187 times

    Iraq is already scheduling crude oil shipments for delivery in March thanks to strong demand, the deputy head of the State Organization for the Marketing…

  • New ESG Wave Hits Wall With Disinterested Investors

    Published 23 January 2022 | viewed 6,813 times

    “Not everyone likes ESG” is how Bloomberg columnist Matt Levine titled a recent column in which he discussed pro-ESG arguments and then went on to…

  • Canada Sees Oil Investment Rise 22% In 2022

    Published 21 January 2022 | viewed 3,075 times

    Investments in crude oil this year in Canada could rise by as much as 22 percent, according to the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers. While…

  • IEA ''Loses'' 200 Million Barrels Of Crude Oil

    Published 21 January 2022 | viewed 48,342 times

    The International Energy Agency is looking for 200 million barrels of oil. The crude has not been displaced, it seems. Rather, there is a 200-million-barrel…

  • Oil Prices Move Higher On Small Crude Inventory Build

    Published 20 January 2022 | viewed 4,688 times

    Crude oil prices rose today after the U.S. Energy Information Administration reported a modest inventory build of 500,000 barrels for the week to January 14.…

  • Market Shrugs Off Biden's Readiness To Tackle Oil Price Rally

    Published 20 January 2022 | viewed 4,040 times

    Crude oil prices dipped this week after the White House said there were still tools on the table to address the rising prices of the…

  • Energy Storage Could Emerge As The Hottest Market Of 2022

    Published 19 January 2022 | viewed 5,856 times

    A few years ago, battery energy storage began drawing attention as what one industry executive at the time called the Holy Grail of renewable energy.…

  • White House Ready To Deploy "Tools" For Oil Price Control

    Published 19 January 2022 | viewed 12,967 times

    The Biden administration stands ready to deploy its tools to address the latest increase in oil prices, a spokeswoman for the National Security Council said…

  • Permian Oil Output Hits Record

    Published 19 January 2022 | viewed 15,811 times

    Crude oil production in the Permian shale play reached a record-high last month, averaging 4.92 million bpd, the Energy Information Administration reported in the latest…

  • The Worst Is Yet To Come For UK Households As Energy Prices Soar

    Published 18 January 2022 | viewed 4,681 times

    When in December the UK government discussed raising a ceiling on household power utility bills, a warning immediately ensued, stating that such a move would…

  • Oil Market Shows No Signs Of Cooling

    Published 18 January 2022 | viewed 6,281 times

    The crude oil market has been running hot lately and is showing no signs of cooling, based on the latest trading insight from Bloomberg. Traders…

  • Stop Building Coal Plants Now: UN Chief

    Published 18 January 2022 | viewed 1,474 times

    The world should stop building new coal plants and phase out those already in existence, the secretary-general of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, said at…

  • White House Helpless As Oil Prices Climb Higher

    Published 17 January 2022 | viewed 13,974 times

    When President Joe Biden announced plans to release up to 50 million barrels of oil from the strategic petroleum reserve to lower retail fuel prices,…

  • Libya Oil Production Rebounds

    Published 17 January 2022 | viewed 2,032 times

    Libya’s crude oil production has rebounded to 1.2 million barrels daily, according to the country’s oil minister, Mohammed Oun. Speaking to Bloomberg, Oun said Libya’s…

  • World’s Largest Oil Trader: Prices Are Set To Rise Further

    Published 17 January 2022 | viewed 21,918 times

    Crude oil has already gained 10 percent since the start of the year and has further to go, Vitol's head of Asia told Bloomberg in…

  • Why The Bears Completely Missed The Mark On Oil Demand

    Published 16 January 2022 | viewed 12,768 times

    In 2020, as the coronavirus locked down country after country, many energy industry observers and even participants floated the argument that this was the end…

  • Could Oil Really Reach $200?

    Published 14 January 2022 | viewed 35,144 times

    Oil is about to post its fourth week of gains in a row, and the outlook remains bullish thanks to supply constraints and demand strength.…

  • China’s Crude Imports Fell For The First Time In 20 Years

    Published 14 January 2022 | viewed 3,571 times

    Crude oil imports into China fell by 5.4 percent last year on an annual basis for the first time in two decades, Reuters reported citing…

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