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Rakesh Upadhyay

Contributor since: 18 Jan 2016

Rakesh Upadhyay

Rakesh Upadhyay is a writer for US-based Divergente LLC consulting firm.

Latest articles from Rakesh

  • Why China Is Really Dictating the Oil Supply Glut

    Published 30 April 2016 | viewed 29,139 times

    Ship tracking data from Bloomberg shows that 83 supertankers carrying around 166 million barrels of oil are headed to China, which has stockpiled an impressive…

  • Should Exxon Mobil Shareholders Be Worried About a Ratings Cut?

    Published 29 April 2016 | viewed 4,900 times

    One might think that a ratings cut would hurt a supermajor, but when Standard & Poor's Ratings Services recently downgraded Exxon Mobil’s AAA rating to…

  • $500 Billion In Lost Oil Revenues Forces Gulf Nations To Turn To Debt Markets

    Published 27 April 2016 | viewed 14,121 times

    The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has projected a whopping $500 billion loss in revenue for the Gulf nations in 2016, which is 30 percent more…

  • Are Oil Dividends Worth it?

    Published 26 April 2016 | viewed 8,667 times

    Are you tempted by nice dividends such as BP’s 7.53 percent and Shell’s 7.31 percent? Long-term investors are. They’re lapping up the oil majors on…

  • The Real Reason Saudi Arabia Killed Doha

    Published 23 April 2016 | viewed 38,246 times

    Saudi Arabia single-handedly scuttled the Doha meeting, knowing all along that Iran would not participate, with a valid reason. The Russians and others agreed to…

  • Why Oil Won’t Crash Following Doha Failure

    Published 19 April 2016 | viewed 21,298 times

    The Doha meeting turned out to be a complete wash, but still, the rumour and expectation leading up to the meeting produced a massive rebound…

  • What Happens To Oil If Doha Disappoints

    Published 15 April 2016 | viewed 12,438 times

    The stage is set for Sunday in Doha, with the world keenly watching the outcome. The traders’ week will start a day in advance, staring…

  • The Undeniable Winners Of The Oil Bust

    Published 14 April 2016 | viewed 12,609 times

    Large oil trading companies such as Vitol have earned record profits in 2015, proving that they can profit regardless of prevailing trends. The numbers speak…

  • Angola Could Be OPEC’s First Member To Fall

    Published 12 April 2016 | viewed 25,898 times

    OPEC-member Angola, which is dependent on oil for 95 percent of its export revenues, is facing an urgent cash flow problem, and the only way…

  • Will Iran Manage To Construct A Floating LNG Facility

    Published 11 April 2016 | viewed 5,884 times

    Iran is exploring options to construct a floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) facility, which it plans to use for exporting natural gas to Europe. The…

  • Natural Gas Trading Strategies

    Published 08 April 2016 | viewed 37,819 times

    Natural gas ended March 2016 with almost a 14 percent gain, but lost 16.2 percent for the quarter, and the gut-wrenching volatility in this market…

  • How Realistic Is Saudi Arabia’s $2 Trillion Sovereign Wealth Fund?

    Published 07 April 2016 | viewed 36,152 times

    Though Saudi Arabia’s plan of a $2 trillion fund exudes power and confidence, raising a megafund of that size is practically next to impossible, unless…

  • Are The Saudis And Russians Deliberately Sabotaging Doha?

    Published 06 April 2016 | viewed 25,510 times

    The actions and intentions of Saudi Arabia and Russia—the two largest oil-producing nations attending the Doha meeting on 17 April—have dashed all hopes of any…

  • Forget The Tough Talk – Saudi Arabia Is Desperate For A Production Freeze

    Published 31 March 2016 | viewed 32,602 times

    At a time when the Saudis are desperately trying to hang on to their dwindling market share, it is intriguing to consider exactly why Russia…

  • European Oil Traders Corner Iranian Gasoline Markets

    Published 30 March 2016 | viewed 6,401 times

    Europe’s trading giants Guvnor and Vitol have organized their first shipments of gasoline to Iran as they vie for Iranian market share in the early…

  • How Have Hedge Funds Been Affected By Oil Prices?

    Published 29 March 2016 | viewed 5,925 times

    After suffering large losses in 2014, trying to find a bottom in crude oil, the hedge fund industry wizened up: In 2015, it reduced its…

  • China And India Rewrite The Rules Of The Oil And Gas Game

    Published 24 March 2016 | viewed 23,581 times

    As the current oil price crisis leads to some game-changing upheavals in the global energy market, Asia’s two powerhouses, China and India, are taking advantage…

  • Oil Dividends Are On The Rocks. What Should Investors Do?

    Published 23 March 2016 | viewed 5,534 times

    If oil prices hadn’t started on their downward spiral in mid-2014, shareholders would have seen almost $7.5 billion more income than they will see this…

  • What Happens When Oil Hits $50?

    Published 19 March 2016 | viewed 65,758 times

    The major beneficiary of the 54 percent jump in oil prices from the lows of $26 per barrel is the U.S. shale oil industry, which…

  • Playing The Volatility Game In Oil

    Published 16 March 2016 | viewed 7,759 times

    Crude inventory data from the Department of Energy (DOE) has the tendency to cause massive volatility in today’s market, with prices hovering perilously close to…

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