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Tom Kool


Contributor since: 23 Sep 2015

Tom Kool

Tom majored in International Business at Amsterdam’s Higher School of Economics, he is Oilprice.com's Head of Operations

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    Published 20 June 2017 | viewed 17,249 times

    Despite a busy week in oil news, prices are hovering around the mid-$40s mark as inventories remain high and production from OPEC members Libya and…

  • Can Oil Come Back From Its Longest Losing Streak In Years?

    Published 16 June 2017 | viewed 33,680 times

    Oil prices recovered somewhat in Friday’s trading session as markets reacted stoically on another rise in the U.S. rig count. (Click to enlarge) (Click to…

  • Oil Flat As OPEC Sees Market Balancing At “Slower Pace”

    Published 13 June 2017 | viewed 9,917 times

    Oil prices held mid to higher $40’s as OPEC admits it sees the markets rebalancing at a slower pace than anticipated. (Click to enlarge) (Click…

  • Pessimism Sweeps The Oil Markets

    Published 09 June 2017 | viewed 20,223 times

    Oil has fallen lower this week, with a particularly bearish EIA report combining with geopolitical tensions in the Middle East to push prices downwards. Another…

  • Bearish News Mounts For Oil Markets

    Published 06 June 2017 | viewed 15,451 times

    The 9-month extension to the OPEC deal has had a surprisingly negative impact on oil prices, which headed downward once again at the start of…

  • OPEC’s Conundrum: Higher Prices Or Market Share

    Published 02 June 2017 | viewed 11,450 times

    Oil prices retraced this week as oversupply worries once again resurfaced in spite of a bullish U.S. inventory report. (Click to enlarge) (Click to enlarge)…

  • Oil Markets Worry OPEC Has No Exit Strategy

    Published 30 May 2017 | viewed 13,336 times

    Oil prices fell slightly on Monday as analysts worry about the long-term implications of the OPEC output cut deal, fearing that OPEC does not have…

  • Naive Hedge Funds Bet Too Big On An OPEC Cut

    Published 26 May 2017 | viewed 15,694 times

    It seems that hedge funds and money managers had built up too big a bullish position before the OPEC deal, send oil prices down when…

  • OPEC Deal: 9-Month Extension Looking Increasingly Likely

    Published 23 May 2017 | viewed 10,689 times

    Markets are reacting favorably as OPEC hints at a 9-month extension of its production cut deal with the May 25 meeting just around the corner.…

  • OPEC Pushes Up Oil, But Will The Gains Continue?

    Published 19 May 2017 | viewed 15,869 times

    Oil prices broke the $50 mark in trading on Friday, suggesting that the OPEC deal extension rumors are still influencing markets. (Click to enlarge) (Click…

  • Oil Prices Set To Rise On Back Of OPEC Deal Extension

    Published 16 May 2017 | viewed 18,615 times

    Oil prices climbed back up on Monday after Russia and Saudi Arabian oil ministers agreed on an extension of the current output cut deal  (Click…

  • Oil Stabilizes As OPEC Ponders Deeper Cuts

    Published 12 May 2017 | viewed 19,185 times

    Oil prices appear to have recovered from last week's flash crash following a significant draw in U.S. inventories and bullish rumors surrounding the OPEC deal.…

  • Is The Market Ignoring OPEC?

    Published 09 May 2017 | viewed 13,394 times

    As output in Nigeria and Libya rebound, markets seem unimpressed with OPEC’s announcement of a possible 9-month extension of the production cut agreement.  (Click to…

  • Oil Prices Crash And Rebound After Technical Selloff

    Published 05 May 2017 | viewed 15,881 times

    Oil prices crashed on Thursday before bouncing back in trading on Friday, suggesting that the crash was due more to a technical selloff rather than…

  • Oil Prices Fall As Hedge Funds Throw In The Towel

    Published 02 May 2017 | viewed 25,391 times

    Oil prices fell on Monday and Tuesday as hedge funds and money managers have started to cut bullish positions in oil in a reaction to…

  • Crude Drawdowns Can’t Save Oil Prices

    Published 28 April 2017 | viewed 25,354 times

    Oil prices fell below $50 this week as rising U.S. oil output and increasing Libyan exports led to a more bearish sentiment in oil markets.…

  • Will Russia Join The OPEC Cut Extension?

    Published 25 April 2017 | viewed 11,128 times

    As the global oil supply glut grows, Russia has not yet climbed on board of OPEC's production cut agreement extension.   (Click to enlarge)   (Click…

  • Oil Crashes Into $40’s As Hedge Funds Sell Off

    Published 21 April 2017 | viewed 42,967 times

    Oil prices fell fast on Friday afternoon as traders see the rising rig count as yet another sign that the markets are still grossly oversupplied.…

  • U.S. Shale Surging, But Oil Holds Steady

    Published 18 April 2017 | viewed 12,474 times

    Rising production in the two biggest U.S. shale basins and Saudi Arabia's newly ambiguous stance on the OPEC deal extension have resulted in oil prices…

  • Oil Prices Rally Amid Rising Rig Count

    Published 14 April 2017 | viewed 33,982 times

    Oil prices have rallied back into the mid $50’s on a bout of bullish data, but a rising rig count and elevated production in the…

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