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Eurasianet is an independent news organization that covers news from and about the South Caucasus and Central Asia, providing on-the-ground reporting and critical perspectives on the most important developments in the region.

Latest articles from Eurasianet

  • Power Crisis Looms In Tajikistan

    Published 27 December 2016 | viewed 8,465 times

    When the first snow fell in late November in Tajikistan, it caught many by surprise, including the country’s power providers. The last two years have…

  • China Pushes Nuclear Power In Moldova

    Published 02 July 2016 | viewed 12,911 times

    China appears willing to help Moldova become a nuclear power. But for now officials in Chi?in?u seem hesitant to go all-in on atomic energy.  Chinese…

  • Deadly Blast At Turkmenistan Refinery

    Published 27 June 2016 | viewed 8,495 times

    Internet connections have been down in large parts of Turkmenistan following a reported fatal explosion at an oil refinery in the western city of Turkmenbashi.…

  • Turkish-Russian Relations Worsen As Turkish Helicopter Is Downed

    Published 22 May 2016 | viewed 24,350 times

    The “game-changing” downing of a Turkish attack helicopter by Kurdish rebels with a Russian-made missile could further intensify still simmering hostilities between Ankara and Moscow.…

  • Russia’s Grip On Armenian Energy Sector Loosening

    Published 15 May 2016 | viewed 5,876 times

    Russia’s economic grip over Armenia may be loosening ever so slightly, highlighted by Moscow’s diminishing role in the South Caucasus country’s power sector. Russian gained…

  • Russia Needs To Diversify Away From Energy

    Published 19 April 2016 | viewed 6,300 times

    As Russia’s economic downturn continues, some experts and politicians are sounding an alarm about the country’s long-term competitiveness, and are calling for increased government spending…

  • Is This The Most Intricate Oil Theft Operation Yet?

    Published 23 March 2016 | viewed 14,735 times

    While Georgia has been caught up recently in a major pipeline competition, with Russia, Azerbaijan and Iran all making a play for the action in…

  • Gazprom Loses Gas Deal As Georgia Opts For Azeri Gas

    Published 04 March 2016 | viewed 9,633 times

    Gone is the fear of betrayal, and bilateral love, once again, is in the air. Georgia, the strategic crossroads for energy alternatives to Russia, finally…

  • Iran, Russia And Azerbaijan Face Off Over Georgian Gas Supply

    Published 22 February 2016 | viewed 8,051 times

    As the price of natural gas keeps declining, competition among Caspian Basin suppliers is picking up. Georgia, which serves as a crossroads for Caspian Basin…

  • Gazprom Threatens To Cut Off Gas Supply To Kyrgyzstan

    Published 19 February 2016 | viewed 8,339 times

    When Russian gas giant Gazprom bought up Kyrgyzstan’s natural gas distribution system in 2014, some grumbled about loss of sovereignty, while others were relieved the…

  • Armenia-Iran Deal May Threaten Russia’s Natural Gas Market

    Published 11 February 2016 | viewed 11,117 times

    Economic hopes are rising in Armenia that the country can serve as a trade conduit for Iran now that international sanctions against Tehran are being…

  • Unrest In Moldova After Shady Energy Deals

    Published 04 February 2016 | viewed 7,044 times

    The anti-government protests in Moldova are not just about political power; they are also driven in part by a desire for greater transparency. One source…

  • Turkey Having Trouble Finding Alternatives To Russian Gas

    Published 29 January 2016 | viewed 8,201 times

    With Russian-Turkish relations bottoming out after Turkey’s downing of a Russian military jet last November, Ankara is scrambling to reduce its dependency on Russian gas.…

  • Iran Poses A Threat To Gazprom

    Published 22 January 2016 | viewed 8,231 times

    The ending of international sanctions against Iran could soon send Iranian gas flowing across and through the South Caucasus, amping up the region’s strategic significance…

  • Low Oil Prices Take Dramatic Toll On Kazakh Economy

    Published 17 January 2016 | viewed 13,206 times

    Oil production is entering a new year of decline this year in Kazakhstan — a dismal omen for a country so heavily reliant on energy…

  • Azerbaijan’s Economy In Dire Straits As Oil Prices Keep Tanking

    Published 14 January 2016 | viewed 14,860 times

    With oil prices now barely above $31 per barrel, Azerbaijan’s energy-export economy is taking on lots of water. And what is worse, Baku’s lifeboat, the…

  • Kazakhstan’s Giant Oil Field Set To Open In 2016

    Published 08 December 2015 | viewed 8,935 times

    As oil prices sink to impressive new lows, Kazakhstan is declaring, once again, that its giant Kashagan field will begin working at the end of…

  • Azerbaijan Caught In Russian-Turkish Crossfire

    Published 02 December 2015 | viewed 4,538 times

    Rising Turkish-Russian tension is putting Azerbaijan in a bind. At a time when low energy prices are squeezing the Azerbaijani economy, officials in Baku need…

  • German Energy Company Pulls The Plug On Turkmenistan Operations

    Published 28 October 2015 | viewed 5,930 times

    German company DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG is set to relinquish its natural gas concession on Turkmenistan’s Caspian Sea shelf over frustration at excess bureaucracy and…

  • Putin’s Wish For A Strong Sino-Russian Relationship Is Crumbling

    Published 01 September 2015 | viewed 5,748 times

    Russian President Vladimir Putin with his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping China will host a huge military parade in Beijing on September 3, and President Vladimir…

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