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  • 13 hours Could Someone Give Me Insights on the Future of Renewable Energy?
  • 14 hours The United States produced more crude oil than any nation, at any time.
  • 13 hours How Far Have We Really Gotten With Alternative Energy
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Latest articles from Eurasianet

  • Tension Growing In Kazakhstan As Oil Prices Batter Economy

    Published 18 August 2015 | viewed 11,554 times

    Sinking oil prices are putting the brakes on Kazakhstan’s once-soaring economy, forcing layoffs in the all-important energy sector. With memories of the months-long strike in…

  • How Russia’s Energy Giant Imploded

    Published 05 August 2015 | viewed 20,164 times

    It was not too long ago that Gazprom, the state-controlled energy conglomerate, was one of the Kremlin’s most potent geopolitical weapons. But those days now…

  • Iran Could Play An Important Role In EU Energy Security

    Published 07 May 2015 | viewed 4,867 times

    With the world’s fourth largest gas reserves, Turkmenistan has enough to keep everybody happy. But for the remote Central Asia country and its suitors, taking…

  • Azerbaijan Eyeing Gas Opportunity In Europe

    Published 11 March 2015 | viewed 6,582 times

    Azerbaijan is running lower on energy income but, amidst a revived push for a role in gas distribution in Europe, not on energy-ambitions. Baku is…

  • Could Turkey Become The New Ukraine?

    Published 12 February 2015 | viewed 22,314 times

    The deepening crisis in Ukraine is boosting Turkey’s decade-long efforts to establish itself as the lynchpin in energy flows from eastern providers to European customers.…

  • The Beginning Of the End For Putinism

    Published 24 January 2015 | viewed 7,020 times

    The combination of Western sanctions and the collapse of oil prices is exposing deep structural problems in Russia’s economy, and it is showing the petro-state…

  • Central Asia In For A Painful 2015

    Published 21 January 2015 | viewed 6,438 times

    The International Monetary Fund has revised downward its forecast for growth in Central Asia and the former Soviet Union to account for dramatically lower oil…

  • What Part Did Russia Play In Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan Gas Dispute?

    Published 10 January 2015 | viewed 9,123 times

    Kyrgyzstan is happy because 60,000 customers in a potentially restive part of the country aren’t relying on dung to heat their homes; Uzbekistan again has…

  • Azerbaijan Can Handle Low Oil Prices Say Officials

    Published 03 January 2015 | viewed 6,284 times

    “Azerbaijan is not afraid of $60 per barrel,” a headline on the pro-government Azerbaijani news site Trend proclaimed recently. But with Brent crude oil, the…

  • Russia Hopes To Win Turkey Over With New Pipeline Deal

    Published 13 December 2014 | viewed 14,245 times

    Energy-poor Turkey stands to benefit from Moscow’s surprise decision to drop the $45-billion South Stream natural gas pipeline project, analysts say. At the same time,…

  • Is Big Change On The Horizon For Eurasian Gas Market?

    Published 08 November 2014 | viewed 9,551 times

    It has been a chastening few months for gas-rich Turkmenistan. Two long-standing energy buyers have indicated they will stop purchasing the country’s natural gas, potentially…

  • Oil Price Slump Threatens Kazakhstan’s Stability

    Published 01 November 2014 | viewed 11,165 times

    The steep decline in global oil prices is stoking angst in Kazakhstan. Experts and officials alike say the government has ample resources to grapple with…

  • Kazakh President Shuns Renewables In Favor Of Fossil Fuels

    Published 27 October 2014 | viewed 9,341 times

    From small villages to big cities, wherever you go in Kazakhstan these days, billboards offer reminders that Astana is gearing up to host Expo 2017,…

  • Kyrgyzstan Looks to Alternative Fuels Ahead of Looming Winter Shortages

    Published 18 October 2014 | viewed 6,247 times

    Each winter in Kyrgyzstan the energy situation seems to worsen; blackouts last longer, and officials seem less able to do anything to improve conditions. This…

  • Central Asia Rues Dependency On Russian Fuel

    Published 06 October 2014 | viewed 8,263 times

    Weak links in Russia’s petroleum-refinery network and the Kremlin’s power play in Ukraine are shortchanging Central Asian petrol markets, importers complain. With alternatives expensive or…

  • Pipeline Delays May See Moldova Return To Russia For Its Gas

    Published 25 September 2014 | viewed 14,892 times

    While the cease-fire between Ukraine and pro-Russian and Russian fighters holds steady, another fight is poised to begin over Russian gas for Ukraine. And, this…

  • Future Of Azerbaijan Uncertain In Light Of Situations In Iraq And Iran

    Published 13 September 2014 | viewed 9,836 times

    The unraveling of Iraq may have some interesting, even alarming implications for the Caspian Basin state of Azerbaijan. Unlike other Arab states in turmoil, including Libya…

  • Turkey Striving to Realize Energy Dream

    Published 12 August 2014 | viewed 7,725 times

    With Ukraine and the Middle East currently engulfed in turmoil, Turkey is trying to play a new energy-export card and, in the process, strengthen its…

  • Kyrgyzstan Faces Catastrophic Energy Crisis

    Published 09 August 2014 | viewed 13,759 times

    One neighbor cuts off the gas, another halts petrol deliveries and Mother Nature cooks up an unusually dry season. It all means Kyrgyzstan faces a…

  • Azerbaijan’s Plans for Nuclear Power Raise Concerns

    Published 31 May 2014 | viewed 8,585 times

    At first glance, it doesn’t add up; why is Azerbaijan, a country brimming with oil and gas, interested in developing nuclear power capacity?It’s a question…

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