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Matthew Smith

Contributor since: 09 Feb 2018

Matthew Smith

Matthew Smith is Oilprice.com's Latin-America correspondent. Matthew is a veteran investor and investment management professional. He obtained a Master of Law degree and is currently located in Latin America. Matthew writes on oil and gas, mining and infrastructure.

Latest articles from Matthew

  • Ecuador Scrambles To Clean Up Its Oil Industry

    Published 06 January 2021 | viewed 3,194 times

    The last year was difficult for Ecuador’s beaten-down hydrocarbon sector. Aside from the severe fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic and sharply weaker oil prices, the…

  • Western Oil Majors Are Key To Reviving Venezuela’s Oil Industry

    Published 04 January 2021 | viewed 7,325 times

    Venezuela’s rapidly disintegrating oil industry, which is the backbone of its economy, is a mere shadow of what it once was, despite the founding OPEC…

  • China Is Fueling South America’s Oil Boom

    Published 01 January 2021 | viewed 25,230 times

    Oil demand from China has been one of the few bright spots for a global petroleum industry severely impacted by a long-term global supply glut…

  • Fracking Could Save Colombia From Economic Crisis

    Published 30 December 2020 | viewed 4,234 times

    Colombia country is facing its worst economic catastrophe of modern times because of the global COVID-19 pandemic. The IMF believes that the strife-torn Latin American…

  • Can Venezuela’s Oil Industry Bounce Back With The Help Of Iran?

    Published 30 December 2020 | viewed 5,388 times

    After five years of plunging oil production and experiencing the near-collapse of its economically crucial petroleum industry and the worst peacetime economic crisis of the…

  • Can Anything Stop Brazil’s Massive Oil Boom?

    Published 29 December 2020 | viewed 8,176 times

    The COVID-19 pandemic had a sharp impact on oil prices, creating considerable uncertainty over the outlook for energy demand around the globe. The ongoing global…

  • Peru’s Oil Crisis Is Worsening

    Published 21 December 2020 | viewed 7,315 times

    A string of crises has engulfed Peru, Latin America’s sixth-largest economy, since the start of 2020. If the marked impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on…

  • Colombia’s Oil Industry Could Stage A Comeback In 2021

    Published 20 December 2020 | viewed 6,321 times

    The last year has been rough for Colombia’s economically vital petroleum industry. Toward the end of 2019 and at the start of 2020 government and…

  • Venezuela’s Crisis: A Cautionary Tale For Oil Nations

    Published 17 December 2020 | viewed 7,872 times

    The story of Venezuela’s rise to wealth and its now near collapse is a cautionary tale for countries rich in natural resources. The 1914 discovery…

  • Another Corruption Scandal Engulfs Ecuador’s Oil Industry

    Published 15 December 2020 | viewed 2,751 times

    The trials and tribulations for Ecuador’s deeply embattled petroleum industry continue. If crumbling infrastructure, refinery outages and pipeline ruptures were not enough, the Andean country’s…

  • Exxon’s Big Bet On Guyana’s Offshore Oil Basin Is Paying Off

    Published 14 December 2020 | viewed 15,715 times

    The growing oil boom in the offshore Guyana-Suriname Basin continues to gain pace. After making a series of spectacular discoveries in offshore Guyana energy supermajor…

  • South America Set To Struggle With Stranded Oil Assets

    Published 10 December 2020 | viewed 3,611 times

    Sharply weaker oil prices and the COVID-19 pandemic are weighing heavily on the outlook for crude oil. It is not only U.S. shale oil and…

  • Is Brazil’s Oil Boom In Danger?

    Published 30 November 2020 | viewed 4,028 times

    Brazil’s massive offshore oil boom, notably in the deepwater offshore pre-salt oilfields, is continuing to grow despite weaker oil prices and the sharp impact of…

  • Venezuela’s Oil Crisis Is An Environmental Time Bomb

    Published 30 November 2020 | viewed 8,291 times

    The international media think tanks and government agencies have discussed at length the near failure of Venezuela, once Latin America’s most stable and developed nation,…

  • The Single Biggest Threat To Venezuela's Future

    Published 29 November 2020 | viewed 5,354 times

    It was not too long ago that copious oil reserves such as the 303 billion barrels located in Venezuela, which are the world’s largest, were…

  • Peru’s Oil Industry Is Engulfed In Crisis

    Published 26 November 2020 | viewed 4,557 times

    A combination of sharply weaker oil prices, inconsistent regulation, the COVID-19 pandemic, and constant conflict in the Amazon where most of Peru’s onshore oil industry…

  • Can Colombia’s Oil Industry Stage A Comeback In 2021?

    Published 25 November 2020 | viewed 3,558 times

    Colombia’s economically crucial oil industry keeps showing signs of life as the oil rally extends into late-November 2020. The international benchmark Brent has finally crossed…

  • How A Biden Presidency Could Boost Colombia’s Oil Industry

    Published 21 November 2020 | viewed 5,127 times

    The victory of Joe Biden in the U.S. presidential elections earlier this month is perceived by many analysts to be a positive development around the…

  • Latin America’s Next Oil Hotspot

    Published 21 November 2020 | viewed 6,244 times

    Little known South American country Suriname, a Dutch colony which gained independence on 15 December 1954, is becoming one of the world’s hottest offshore drilling…

  • Why Biden’s Approach To Venezuela Is So Important For Oil Markets

    Published 18 November 2020 | viewed 7,023 times

    In a hard-fought campaign Democrat Joe Biden won the November 2020 U.S. presidential race beating incumbent Donald Trump. There were considerable fears in the run-up…

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