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Matthew Smith

Contributor since: 09 Feb 2018

Matthew Smith

Matthew Smith is Oilprice.com's Latin-America correspondent. Matthew is a veteran investor and investment management professional. He obtained a Master of Law degree and is currently located in Latin America. Matthew writes on oil and gas, mining and infrastructure.

Latest articles from Matthew

  • Argentina’s Huge Vaca Muerta Shale Could Become A Stranded Asset

    Published 17 November 2020 | viewed 5,694 times

    Sharply weaker oil prices, growing threats to oil demand and the imminent arrival of peak oil demand could unleash a wave of stranded oil assets…

  • Ecuador’s Vast Oil Wealth May Never Be Tapped

    Published 16 November 2020 | viewed 5,775 times

    Over a decade of resource nationalism, an alleged corrupt billion-dollar Ecuadorean court verdict against energy super major Chevron, economic instability, civil unrest and aging infrastructure…

  • Will Venezuela’s Economic Crisis Remove Maduro From Power?

    Published 12 November 2020 | viewed 9,447 times

    In desperation, Maduro’s autocratic regime has turned to Iran, another pariah state, for assistance. The collapse of Venezuela’s once-mighty oil industry has not only caused…

  • Can Colombia Replicate Brazil’s Offshore Oil Boom?

    Published 10 November 2020 | viewed 5,189 times

    While offshore Brazil, Guyana and to a lesser extent Suriname are gaining the lion’s share of attention when it comes to South American offshore oil,…

  • Why South America’s Offshore Oil Sector Is Exploding

    Published 09 November 2020 | viewed 8,276 times

    Nearly a decade ago South America’s emerging offshore oil boom was viewed as a fad triggered by soaring oil prices which by 2011 had recovered…

  • This Could Become The World’s Most Expensive Crude Oil

    Published 08 November 2020 | viewed 35,960 times

    This year has been turbulent for global energy markets. The COVID-19 pandemic and March 2020 price crash sent markets into a tailspin, which saw the…

  • A Glimmer Of Hope For Colombia's Struggling Oil Industry

    Published 08 November 2020 | viewed 5,438 times

    Despite significant headwinds, including a prolonged oil price slump, Colombia’s national oil company Ecopetrol reported a solid third quarter 2020 profit with net income of…

  • Venezuela’s Oil Industry Is On Its Last Legs

    Published 03 November 2020 | viewed 20,250 times

    Last week was devastating for Venezuela, its people and nearly collapsed oil industry. Oil production since the start of 2020 has fallen catastrophically to multi-decade…

  • Light Sweet Crude Oil Is Taking Over The Market

    Published 03 November 2020 | viewed 9,503 times

    The popularity of light sweet crude oil among refiners is growing at a solid clip. The ongoing push to combat climate change and ever stricter…

  • Argentina Is In Desperate Need Of An Oil Boom

    Published 02 November 2020 | viewed 6,619 times

    The administration of Argentina’s President Alberto Fernández is growing increasingly desperate to restart the burgeoning oil boom which was underway before the COVID-19 pandemic hit.…

  • Can Ecuador Save Its Ailing Oil Sector?

    Published 01 November 2020 | viewed 4,330 times

    The tiny impoverished Latin American country of Ecuador continues to struggle with its legacy of resource nationalism. Even a push by the current administration of…

  • Civil Unrest Could Crush Peru’s Oil Ambitions

    Published 31 October 2020 | viewed 1,409 times

    Peru has been one of the hardest-hit Latin American countries by the COVID-19 pandemic despite being one of the first to impose a strict lockdown…

  • Could Fracking Help Save Colombia’s Oil Dependent Economy?

    Published 29 October 2020 | viewed 3,581 times

    For almost a decade the Andean country of Colombia has been battling to significantly boost its low proven petroleum reserves and lengthen the production life…

  • Is Brazil’s Oil Boom Immune To COVID?

    Published 28 October 2020 | viewed 5,172 times

    An ongoing global supply glut and the COVID-19 pandemic have had a profound impact on the price of crude oil. Despite recovering after the March…

  • Venezuela’s Oil Industry Could Take Decades To Recover

    Published 27 October 2020 | viewed 7,234 times

    There are considerable concerns that the vast oil reserves of Venezuela, totaling a billion barrels, could become a stranded asset. It was Venezuela’s burgeoning post-World…

  • Will Colombia’s Struggling Oil Industry Ever Recover?

    Published 27 October 2020 | viewed 3,826 times

    After a positive start to 2020 there is little evidence of a sustained recovery for the Andean country’s economically crucial oil industry. Significantly weaker oil…

  • The End Of Venezuela’s Oil Era

    Published 22 October 2020 | viewed 41,908 times

    Venezuela, once Latin America’s largest oil producer and a founding member of OPEC, has seen its economically vital oil industry collapse triggering one of the…

  • There’s Nothing That Can Stop The World’s Next Oil Hotspot

    Published 20 October 2020 | viewed 14,730 times

    While the deeply impoverished South American country of Guyana is attracting the lion’s share of attention when it comes to oil, it is neighboring Suriname…

  • Argentina’s Oil Boom Is Showing Signs Of Life

    Published 11 October 2020 | viewed 9,222 times

    After the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on its economy, there are signs that Argentina’s once burgeoning oil industry is coming back to life.…

  • Colombia Struggles To Overcome Its Oil Curse

    Published 06 October 2020 | viewed 4,165 times

    Colombia’s oil history began in 1918 and entered a golden age in the late 1980s. Then, earlier this century, a new petroleum boom started, which…

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