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Vanand Meliksetian

Contributor since: 13 Feb 2018

Vanand Meliksetian

Vanand Meliksetian has extended experience working in the energy sector. His involvement with the fossil fuel industry as well as renewables makes him an allrounder who is not limited to certain topics. Furthermore, Vanand has worked as a management consultant for international energy companies such as Total and Vattenfall where he has gained detailed knowledge of the requirements of the private sector. He has expanded his understanding of the energy sector working for the Dutch government where he worked on the development of the North Sea energy strategy.

Vanand’s articles reflect his personal views and are not connecting to his work. He specializes in geopolitics, innovation, and policy.

Latest articles from Vanand

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  • Can The U.S. Catch Up With China In The Clean Energy Race?

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    Three giants dominate the global economic system: the EU, United States, and China. Of these three, the Americans are relatively far behind when it comes…

  • China’s Big Oil To Exploit Core Strengths In Decarbonization

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    The Chinese economic miracle has succeeded in lifting millions out of poverty and transforming the geopolitical landscape. The country’s rapid industrialization has accelerated climate change…

  • Can ‘Nuclear’ Hydrogen Become Competitive?

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    The appeal of nuclear power in the Western world has dropped significantly after the disaster with Japan's Fukushima power plant. It fueled the skepticism of…

  • A Major Rift Remains Within OPEC

    Published 11 August 2021 | viewed 4,061 times

    Conflicts and major disagreements within OPEC usually go unnoticed as member states use consultation and decision-making mechanisms that prevent a public mess. The UAE’s recent…

  • Russia’s Mediterranean Pivot Will Come At A Cost

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    The overwhelming majority of Russia’s population lives in the western regions near the border with Europe and the Black Sea. Cultural and economic ties with…

  • Can Turkmenistan Become A Serious Gas Player In Europe?

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    The Caspian Sea is one of the world’s largest and oldest oil and gas producing regions. During the Cold War, the hydrocarbon-rich area was Soviet-controlled…

  • The Perfect Nation For A Renewable Energy Revolution

    Published 21 July 2021 | viewed 1,780 times

    In terms of energy resources, Australia is truly blessed. The island-nation is already an important fossil fuel exporter with the potential to become a heavyweight…

  • Why Russia Is Refusing To Send Europe More Natural Gas

    Published 15 July 2021 | viewed 11,126 times

    Rising commodity prices have strengthened the economic outlook of resource-rich countries. Russia is taking advantage of this in a major way, with a particular focus…

  • The Mega-Challenge Of Creating A Global Hydrogen Market

    Published 08 July 2021 | viewed 3,107 times

    Hydrogen has become a buzzword that has stirred the energy industry. Although some fossil fuel-dependent countries feel threatened, others see opportunities. And while skeptics first…

  • Russia Is Ready To Open The Taps

    Published 30 June 2021 | viewed 13,493 times

    There is economic life after the pandemic. While the novel coronavirus hasn't been vanquished, oil demand has significantly risen in the past couple of months.…

  • Will Iran Emerge As A Renewable Energy Breakout Story?

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    Iran is without doubt one of the wealthiest countries in terms of energy production. Not only does the Middle Eastern country possess the world’s 2nd…

  • Russian Drillers Rejoice As Oil Continues To Rally

    Published 17 June 2021 | viewed 4,146 times

    Russia’s oil and gas industry has been the driving force behind its economy ever since the first oil fields were discovered in Tsarist Russia at…

  • China’s Pivot To Gas Is Fueling Support In LNG Demand

    Published 12 June 2021 | viewed 9,796 times

    Global economic recovery is gradually taking shape as the spread of the coronavirus is slowing in most countries due to summer weather and rapid vaccination…

  • Is The Golden Age Of Natural Gas Really Over?

    Published 07 June 2021 | viewed 6,642 times

    Two years ago the world noted growth in energy demand by 2.3 percent. It was primarily met by natural gas followed by renewables, oil, coal,…

  • Is This The First Truly Global Gas Price Benchmark?

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    In the world of energy, size matters. Therefore, large producers and consumers can influence global markets while smaller players have to acquiesce to developments. One…

  • Will The U.S. Nuclear Industry Finally Get Government Help?

    Published 27 May 2021 | viewed 2,854 times

    Nuclear energy is a contentious subject in the western world where its future looks increasingly bleak. While nuclear power plants are still the biggest source…

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