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Vanand Meliksetian

Contributor since: 13 Feb 2018

Vanand Meliksetian

Vanand Meliksetian has extended experience working in the energy sector. His involvement with the fossil fuel industry as well as renewables makes him an allrounder who is not limited to certain topics. Furthermore, Vanand has worked as a management consultant for international energy companies such as Total and Vattenfall where he has gained detailed knowledge of the requirements of the private sector. He has expanded his understanding of the energy sector working for the Dutch government where he worked on the development of the North Sea energy strategy.

Vanand’s articles reflect his personal views and are not connecting to his work. He specializes in geopolitics, innovation, and policy.

Latest articles from Vanand

  • The Biggest Threat To Australia’s LNG Sector

    Published 02 December 2018 | viewed 17,959 times

    Demand for natural gas is rising fast. The relative clean nature of the fuel, abundance, and geographic distribution make it a good alternative to pollutant…

  • Stopping Syria’s Oil Smuggling Scheme

    Published 27 November 2018 | viewed 11,712 times

    The civil war in Syria has resulted in government-controlled areas being deprived of domestic oil. Before the war, Eastern Syria produced 95 percent of the…

  • Can Oil Solve Washington’s Syria Dilemma?

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    In the past seven years Syrian cities have been reduced to rubble, thousands have lost their lives, but the main objective of the U.S. and…

  • Russia Takes Major Leap In European Gas War

    Published 17 November 2018 | viewed 17,909 times

    On November 19th, President Putin will stand shoulder to shoulder with President Erdogan during a ceremony to celebrate the completion of the first string of…

  • Russia Pulls Ahead In Middle East Nuclear Race

    Published 13 November 2018 | viewed 20,072 times

    In most of the industrialized world, nuclear energy has lost its appeal due to, among other reasons, the disaster at Fukushima in 2011. Few countries…

  • Rosneft’s Middle East Strategy Explained

    Published 10 November 2018 | viewed 14,933 times

    Where some see hardship, others see opportunity. Russia’s most valuable export products are oil and gas of which the top producers are Rosneft and Gazprom,…

  • Why Are Middle Eastern LNG Imports Soaring?

    Published 03 November 2018 | viewed 16,555 times

    The Arab world is blessed with some of the most impressive hydrocarbon reserves in the world, but despite impressive domestic reserves, production has failed to…

  • Can Russia Relieve The Iranian Oil Crisis?

    Published 30 October 2018 | viewed 10,623 times

    Charles de Gaulle once said: “no nation has friends, only interests.” Cooperation between Russia and Iran has been increasing over the years. The countries are…

  • Oil Majors Win Big In New NAFTA Deal

    Published 23 October 2018 | viewed 20,241 times

    President Donald Trump’s election shook the foundations of America’s alliance with two of its most important allies and trading partners: Canada and Mexico. His campaign…

  • The Biggest Winners In The Mediterranean Energy War

    Published 20 October 2018 | viewed 20,637 times

    Former Vice-President of the United States Dick Cheney once said: “the good lord didn’t see fit to put oil and gas only where there are…

  • U.S. And Europe Divided On The Future Of Oil

    Published 17 October 2018 | viewed 11,910 times

    Several energy revolutions have, over the centuries, changed the world: first, man learned to transform fire into kinetic energy during the Industrial Revolution with the…

  • The Perfect Storm Bringing China And Russia Together

    Published 10 October 2018 | viewed 22,614 times

    During the Cold War, China and the Soviet Union regarded one another as strategic adversaries. Relations between Beijing and Moscow, however, have significantly improved over…

  • Gazprom's Bid To Maintain European Energy Dominance

    Published 02 October 2018 | viewed 14,024 times

    Gazprom is an important player in the European gas market for two reasons. Its monopoly status in Russia when it comes to exporting natural gas…

  • Can Nord Stream 2 Be Stopped?

    Published 25 September 2018 | viewed 17,662 times

    Pipelines, for a long time, were the most important method of transportation for natural gas. This fixed form of infrastructure has the advantage of lower…

  • Is 2018 A Banner Year For Gazprom?

    Published 20 September 2018 | viewed 9,420 times

    So far, 2018 has been a good year for Gazprom. The Russian state-owned company is the biggest investor in oil and gas projects in the…

  • Big Oil’s LNG Obsession

    Published 04 September 2018 | viewed 13,228 times

    Since the early days of the oil and gas industry, a group of Western companies has dominated the industry. These companies have been named ‘Big…

  • Solving The Permian Pipeline Problem

    Published 28 August 2018 | viewed 14,353 times

    The fracking revolution in the U.S. has considerably changed the global oil market and the strategic calculations of market participants. The initial entry of shale…

  • LNG: China’s Biggest Weapon In The Trade War

    Published 15 August 2018 | viewed 35,428 times

    President Donald Trump’s first year in office must have been a pleasant surprise for Chinese President Xi Jinping. A successful state visit in Beijing and…

  • What Happens To Syrian Oil Post-Civil War?

    Published 11 August 2018 | viewed 24,457 times

    Seven years into the Syrian civil war and hundreds of thousands of casualties, the conflict is presumably entering its final stage. At the start of…

  • Who Has The Right To Resources In The Caspian Sea?

    Published 08 August 2018 | viewed 19,515 times

    August 12th, 2018 could well become a historic day for the Caspian Sea region, with states aiming to end a long-running legal disagreement involving the…

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